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Kelly Box is a custom packaging manufacturing facility with a wide array of product and design options.


Learn more below about some of the packaging products we specialize in.

Brand Packaging & Graphics

We utilize innovation and design, along with our extensive graphic resources, to engineer a package that fully presents a customer's brand and image to the consumer.

Our production capabilities include label lamination, digital printing, flexo-graphic printing, and more top-of-the-line equipment. These resources allow customer brands to be displayed and recognized in retail, shipping, ecommerce, and direct-to-consumer deliveries. 

Graphic packaging
printed tray
printed box
brand packaging
corrugated display
box printing
printed box

Corrugated Pallets

Kelly Box's Corrugated Pallets are custom designed to product needs. This method uses the least amount of paper for the most strength to save costs by eliminating unnecessary material.

KBPC Corrugated Pallets are over 65% lighter weight than the standard pallet to enable safer handling and transport.

Our pallets are also made with 100% recyclable material in AIB-Certified Facilities for food safety, eliminating the need for heat-treatment. They are produced export-ready and are exempt from export regulations.

corrugated pallet

Foam & Cushioning

Combining a design featuring both corrugated packaging and cushioning is the most protective way to protect a product in transit.


Kelly Box features multiple varieties of cushioning each with different benefits. Our engineering department specializes in utilizing these materials to design the perfect pack to ensure product safety.  

Learn more about different cushioning options and their benefits here.

foam in box
paper cushioning
foam cushioning
bubble wrap

Assembled Kits

We custom design and manufacture the corrugated parts necessary for our customer's product's shipping kit. Then, we assemble that custom kit at one of our four facilities, secure on a pallet and send to our customer's facility. The kit is completely ready for the placement of the product.


This saves our customer time by having Kelly Box do the work for them; providing a ready-to-pack assembled kit.

box kit
corrugated kit
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