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Kelly Box utilizes a wide range of machinery to be able to handle the smallest detail on a package while being capable of producing both large-sized packages and large quantities.

Our dedicated facilities and operations work together to create a streamlined process starting with the design and ending with the manufacturing and delivery of a quality box. All of our facilities are also AIB-certified for food safety.

Learn about the features that make us qualified below.

Corporate Headquarters

Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Kelly Box's corporate headquarters contains features that make us unique. It is home to our stellar customer service team, shipping headquarters, testing and design lab, high speed machines, small-carton capabilities, along with dedicated warehousing space.

indiana packaging
packaging testing lab
packaging design

Testing Lab

Kelly Box’s technology and testing lab, along with our design engineers, improve customer packaging by analyzing current designs and then developing improved performance through alternative designs, material combinations, and packing methodologies.


ISTA Certification

Amazon Certified Lab

Testing Equipment

Drop Tester
Compression Machine
3 Random Vibration Tables
Incline Impact Test

Engineering & Design Services

Packaging Evaluation

Creative Development

Design Sampling

Graphic Design




Jumbo-Converting & Pallet Facility

With specialties in corrugated pallets and assembled kits, Kelly Box’s Nelson Road facility utilizes a custom state-of-the-art robotic pallet assembly line to manufacture export-ready, recyclable corrugated pallets daily.

The pallets are engineered with designs to use the least amount of paper while retaining the most strength. This reduces costs by eliminating unnecessary material use. This produces is a strong, lighter-weight pallet that enables safer handling and transport.


To learn more about the benefits of corrugated pallets click here.

This facility is also home to our jumbo rotary-slotters and stitcher-gluer. These machines give Kelly Box the ability to manufacture some of the biggest cartons in the region.

corrugated pallet robot

Foam & Cushioning

Dedicated to all packaging cushioning needs, the McKinley Foam facility produces necessary components in the full packaging solution. By engineering a package with cushioning, headaches and added costs involved in damage can be avoided. The end result is a protected product and a happy customer.

Click here to learn more about cushioning options for your product.

box printing

State-of-the-Art Flexographic Printing

All of our flexographic printers are equipped with the latest technology to ensure tight registration, crystal-clear printing, and the ability to print at extremely high DPI and fine line-weights. 

Our Indianapolis facility also features inside-and-outside print capabilities to give your customer the unboxing experience your product deserves. 

Along with our printers, Kelly Box maintains partnerships with industry leaders to offer a wide range of print such as digital, direct-to-corrugated, asitrade, and pre-printed liners.

By working together with our graphic design department, we ensure your box has the impact desired to further your brand. 

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