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Our Packaging
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Our focus lies in

design, manufacturing, & logistics

in order to provide maximum

reliability, flexibility & performance

for our customers.

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 We are a corrugated packaging company with expansive manufacturing and design capabilities paired with top-notch customer service.

We work with our customers to understand the specific requirements of their packaging- from design to protection.


We deliver creative packaging solutions that meet customer needs from the warehouse to the end-user.

Our manufacturing platform is designed to provide reliability, flexibility, and performance.

Kelly Box

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About Us

Your product matters. Protect it in a Kelly Box. 

We've been making boxes since 1955. Since then, we've discovered it's not just about the box, but the product within it, and the people behind it.  That's why we've established a team of experts within Kelly Box: so we can create the perfect box for our customer and their product. 

It starts with our design and engineering department, which has an Amazon-Certified testing lab and a team of engineers to help with custom designs and relevant cushioning to protect product in transit. If graphic design work is needed, we're covered there too with a talented design team to help with customer branding and perfecting your branding.

Our team of customer service and sales representatives have dedicated accounts to help every step of the way and utilize the latest technologies and programming alongside our manufacturing and logistics departments to have a real-time knowledge of where your packaging is in every step of the process. 

In our 5 faculties, we utilize the latest in packaging manufacturing technology and machines that enable us to custom engineer and produce a diverse sizing of packaging - from the smallest detail in print and edging, to large sizes and large quantities. 

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