We custom engineer every box we develop to reduce the cost while improving the performance.

Engineering is about more than just designing the pack. Our engineers work hand in hand with the customer to understand the specific requirements of the packaging

They work with our production team to ensure we can produce the design cost effectively and to ensure the pack works in your specific manufacturing environment.

Our Engineers devise paper and fluting combinations that:

  • Lower freight costs

  • Reduce waste

  • Improve performance

  • Cut labor and improve throughput in your plant

  • Examine how your customer will be handling the part at its ultimate destination

Corporate Headquarters

2801 Covington Road

Fort Wayne, IN 46802


Pallet Operations

6916 Nelson Rd

New Haven, IN 46803


Indianapolis Headquarters

3035 N Shadeland Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46226


Foam Facility

2800 McKinley Ave

Fort Wayne, IN 46802


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