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Autobottom Boxes

With labor rates increasing and becoming harder to come by, the best way to go about saving costs can often be looking at your bottom line and stops along the manufacturing and assembly process to see where there might be some unique measures to implement. One example of how Kelly Box can help analyze your packaging, outside of just the box, is to save labor and assembly costs by implementing a new design, such as with an autobottom box style. This style of container pops together in mere seconds and in just one step. When looking at an entire production line or day of manufacturing, this can really add up.

Click here to see a fun video we put together to illustrate the difference an autobottom design can make on labor time spent.

Could an autobottom be the right design for your product and for use within your facility? Together with our sales and engineering teams, we can analyze your product and packaging and find out!


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