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Pallet Strength In Design

No two products are the same, so why should their pallets be?

Kelly Box's corrugated pallets are made from the toughest corrugated and incorporate a strength-tested block design. Kelly Box designs, engineers, manufactures, and ships every pallet in house custom to our customer's product's needs. We specialize in designs that enable engineering all pallets to reduce excessive material costs and waste. Our advanced engineering and testing labs imitate the shipping and storage processes to create the perfect design to absorb shock and lessen vibration to ensure your product remains safe and in the perfect condition upon arrival.

By using only the exact amount of material - no more, and no less - required by the product being shipped on the pallet, excess material costs are eliminated while still retaining the necessary strength that pallets require.

We’ve not only innovated the pallet’s strength: we’ve innovated its design.

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